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Digi DP Series Scale Labels

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Click on the following links to view scale labels available for individual Digi SM scale models

Digi DP-90 & DP-110Digi DP-120 & DP-121

LSi Digi scale label catalogs are among the most up-to-date, complete, and informative of any scale label catalogs found on the Internet, However, new scale models are introduced to the marketplace regularly and the label support for these models may not be fully represented in our current catalogs. Please contact LSi regarding any label requirement not listed in our catalogs.

LSi manufactured Digi labels used in Digi DP scale models are produced on premium direct thermal material that meet, or exceed O.E.M. specifications. The label face material is coated with a supermarket grade adhesive designed to adhere to quality films and wrapping papers found in most food related environments.  Contact LSi for information about specific label applications, or requirements.

Label Specialties, Inc. guarantees that our Scale Label products will perform as designed!

Label Specialties, Inc. manufactures both Digi Custom scale labels and Digi Stock scale labels, and we maintain a large inventory of popular stock Digi and other stock scale labels that allow LSi to service customers with same, or next day shipping capabilities.